Kuat Bottle Lock Kuat Bottle Lock (Pink) BL03
Kuat Bottle Lock Kuat Bottle Lock (Pink) BL03
Kuat Bottle Lock Kuat Bottle Lock (Pink) BL03
Kuat Bottle Lock Kuat Bottle Lock (Pink) BL03

Kuat Bottle Lock Kuat Bottle Lock (Pink) BL03

  • Customer reviews(7)
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  • Cable is 5' long and 8mm thick braided steel
  • 2 keys included
  • Locks frame & both wheels
  • Bonus compartment for storage
  • Available in Black, White, & Pink

We can just imagine the look of anticipation on the would-be thief’s face as he approaches your bike, thinking to himself, “Score! A free bike & a free water bottle to quench my thirst!” This product looks like a stylish water bottle but includes a 5’ internally coiled 8mm cable that locks back into itself, as well as a compartment underneath for storage of keys and paraphernalia.

Customer reviews(7)

  • N. Helfinstine
  • July 12, 2012
  • This is not a serious daily lock. Its steel cable, while substantial enough, is simply not as cut-resistant as a solid U-lock. But this isn't intended to lock up your commuting ride. This chain is intended for occasional use on a bike that normally you don't need to lock at all. I commute on a heavy bike with racks and whatnot, so it's easy to carry a big lock. When I'm on my fancy go-fast bike, I don't generally leave it around where it would even need locking. But there are always exceptions, like a bike trip to visit friends where I want the speed of the fast bike, but will be leaving it parked outside a diner or whatever for a bit. That's where this lock shines. It pops right into a bottle cage, and it is secure enough for general purposes.

    As noted in other reviews, the cable retracts manually. In my book, that's a good thing: a spring-powered system might \
  • Tom
  • October 9, 2013
  • My bike, nor any of its parts, have been stolen, so it must work, eh? For pure ease of use I doubt if there is anything else that comes close. Pulls out, wraps around the frame, tires, etc, wrap it back around, push the cable end into the locking hole on the bottle housing and it clicks (locked). Takes all of 30 seconds . . if you are having trouble. Almost as easy to put back, key into the top keyhole, turn key, the locking end falls out and you twist the top of the faux bottle as it rewinds into the bottle shaped container. No muss, no fuss, no cable tangles, no stress from the rewind spring. Takes a minute . . if you are having problems. Couldn't say enough good about it. Not sure it's the ultimate lock for downtown Manhattan, but for stops at the market, pharmacy and sometimes the nearest Men's room, I'm a cheerleader. The good things people have said in these reviews, all true.
  • B. Mccall
  • May 26, 2015
  • This product is unique and I haven't seen another manufacturer build something similar before deciding to purchase this. It comes with an adequate length of cable to reach around and through your bike wheels and frame and back to the lock mechanism. The only gripe is the bottom of the bottle is a screw \
  • LS
  • March 18, 2014
  • These locks are a cool idea, and for a cheap 1-step up in security from leaving your bike free on the sidewalk, they are effective. I wouldn't park a bike with this lock in a public space overnight because neither the wire nor the plastic body are tough enough to withstand anybody who is in any way prepared to take your bike.

    My main problem with this lock is that, after a winter season of commuting, road grime and salt, or whatever, completely took the locking mechanism out of commission. Even after a couple of thorough cleanings, it is difficult to wind and unwind the wire, and the locking mechanism simply won't \
  • matt mitchell
  • February 6, 2014
  • I'm on my second one, First one got stolen while locking up my bike. This lock wont save your bike from a thief who really wants your bike, But it is a great deterrent from passer by to snag your bike and ride away while you are communting around town.
    With this lock I can ride to the library and jump off my bike, park, and lock up; fast! I dont worry about my bike. Fits nicely in my water bottle holder. I have a black one now because the white one scuffed up some. Cable is coated and doesn't scratch your bike.

    A good buy at any price, very functional. A great gift to a cycler.
  • Skallen
  • June 15, 2012
  • I use this as a secondary lock. Kryptonite U-Lock for my frame + rear tire on a pole, then I wrap this bottle lock around my front tire. It's also nice when I'm sitting on a bench outside and I just want to lock down a tire so no one can hop on and ride off while I tie my shoe. Yah, maybe slightly paranoid but 100,000 bikes get stolen in NYC annually.

    There's no spring so it doesn't roll itself up. NO BIG DEAL. It's super easy to roll up by just spinning the cap a few times.

    Learn to lock your bike correctly. Youtube \
  • Edan C
  • March 23, 2015
  • I kept losing bike locks when commuting, so i bought this since i figured it would be harder to lose. It has been the most convenient lock that i have used.

    Pretty good product so far, but I see some room for improvement: it would be nice if the cable was easier to retract back into the bottle, somehow with less friction or of it was spring-loaded. Also, a slightly rubberized outer surface of the bottle would be awesome so it would not rattle in the bottle cage.